Tuesday, April 06, 2004

David Lee Murphy 

DLM has a new cd out, Tryin' To Get There. It is awesome. The inside notes say that this cd "is meant to be played as loud as loud as your speakers will allow". And I'm all for that. It's a great cd. The songs are fun to listen to and they get your feet movin' (even mine, which are completely uncoordinated-like the rest of me). I highly recommend it. I've got 3 of his cds now (I think that's all he has?) and they are all great, but I think this might be the best.

"Growin' up's been tough on me * I still don't know what I wanna be
I hope the good Lord understand * There's times I need a helpin' hand
'Cause I'll take the long way to find the short way round
And just like everybody I'm tryin' to reach
a higher ground..."

Damn good stuff. Check it out.

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