Monday, April 12, 2004

Air America 

Here's a review on this new 'sensation'. Not very glowing. Seems to be a common theme in all the reviews I've read.

Frankenradio is right: this whole concept was an ill-conceived, top-down, artificially constructed walking media corpse. I give this monstrosity 6-7 months, maybe until December, before the plug is pulled and its stations go back to broadcasting foreign-language programming -- or until the whole network is revamped with real talent. Until then, let the fart machines work at full steam.

Added: Here is a review that discusses more the inclusion of blacks into the show and the democratic fold. Or actually, the lack of inclusion. Check it out, it's pretty interesting. At least they are not hypocritical, like they an act they accuse the republicans of indulging in. And yes, that was sarcastic. I am becoming less and less impressed with Al Franken the more I hear about/from him.

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