Saturday, March 13, 2004

Son of a.... 

Here's what I'm pissed at right now. The person who installed the flooring in my kitchen. Here's the scoop; I pulled of the top layer-linoleum glued to 1/4 inch plywood. That was stapled to another layer of linoleum which was stapled to tile. The ugly increased the further down you went. Here's the joy of it all-my plan was to pull all but the tile, and lay the new tile on top. It worked for half the kitchen. The other side was not only stapled every 2 inches, sections were glued as well to ensure a lack of movement for 5-10 decades. Ridiculous. So I'm sitting on the floor scraping this crap off the floor (not easy) trying to ignore my screaming knees, throbbing/cut/scraped/impaled hands, and the searing pains criss-crossing my lower back. I have maybe almost half of the kitchen laid down, and another big section has been prepped and I can lay some more pseudo-tile in about....30 minutes. Meanwhile I am watching the Ben Stiller show (holy crap! Tom and Roseanne Arnold! He looks so skinny and beat down. She looks so...mean) and blogging. I wish I had someone to masseuse my back right now. That would make my night.

Ok, another quick hand of Spider solitaire coming up!

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