Tuesday, March 30, 2004


It's another beautiful day here in Denver. I am pretty sure it hit at least 70 again today, and is still that warm now. Unfortunately, most of my day was once again wasted inside at my desk, seeing the sun beaming down thru the window 20 feet away. Yes, of course I did a lot of daydreaming, that is to be expected. But I left a little early, in the hopes of getting some studying done for the Professional Engineer exam I am taking 2 weeks from this Friday. So I rode the cycle home (the poor Saturn is getting no play time, as it doesn't even compare to the cycle. One is cool, the other...not so much), grabbed the 50 lbs of study material and walked down to Starbucks. Well, I didn't make it very long. I tried for a bit, but the interest just isn't there. And I am tired, apparently. I forgot my book or I'd be reading, so instead I will do some blogging. I will attempt to study some more, but right now I'd rather just stare at the passing cars. Or the ground, it doesn't really matter, I'm not seeing much of either.

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