Thursday, March 11, 2004

Scary. And absurd 

This story is nuts. Here is the list of injuries that little Tanner Dowler sustained before dying at the hands of his father:

11 broken ribs,
Two broken arms,
Two broken legs,
Burns to his feet and
Brain damage

After what sounds like the entire town spoke on his behalf (his 13-year old niece said: "I don't know how anybody could see him as anything but a big teddy bear." I can-look at the dead baby's injuries above. I don't see him as one), he was found NOT GUILTY of first degree murder.

This is crazy! Even the leader of the Community Infant Program spoke on his behalf. How?? I feel like I am taking crazy pills! Did this person really know him? It sounds like his wife's parents (the wife is serving 10 years in prison for her role) were the only one's willing to hold him accountable.

The grandmother: "There were a lot of people who tried to get you help," Sharyl Riley said to Dowler. She then told the judge that Dowler always took the easy way out, opting to stay unemployed and accept handouts from her rather than supporting his family — the family he craved."

The grandfather, about Dowler's going to prison: "The opposition where he is going is likely to be considerably tougher,"

Tanner was 9-weeks old.

Let's speak up for an unborn baby, but not for a 9-week old kid. Who are these people?

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