Saturday, March 13, 2004

My day 

It started innocently enough. I woke up late and the read my book (The Possessed by Dostoevsky) while eating almost solid hard boiled eggs. I headed over to Arapahoe Basin to get some runs in, but thanks to the warm weather all week and no new snow, the snow was rock hard and it sucked. If I had waited until later in the day it may have been softened up, but I didn't. Instead I left after an hour and came home. Read the paper, watched some basketball then started on the kitchen floor. A quick ride on the cycle, a short stint at Starsucks (tried to do some PE studying, but it didn't take) reading my next book (Money Men. About campaign money. Interesting so far) then back home for more floor work.

Oh yeah-I've been in a bad-ish mood all day. That always helps.

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