Wednesday, March 17, 2004


At least this article is not as negative as the last two. Only a couple small pockets of negativity.

I will add a couple things. Who are these people complaining about having too many Mexicans in this country? They are harder working than most people (and more downtrodden and beaten as well) and take jobs that, as a country, most people wouldn't 'stoop' to. But someone has to do them.

Conversely, I don't find any logic/backing/basis for the argument that illegals should get the same benefits and luxuries that the rest of us have (i.e., free education, college funding, etc). I refer back to an article on the front page of the Denver Post a year or two ago about a high school senior, an illegal Mexican, who was complaining all over the place about not being able to get Federal funding/scholarships to college. What? Why should all these benefits be provided? If we give in and treat them the same as legal US citizens, we've made a mockery of immigration laws (maybe that's next on Bush's plate?). Why have the laws if they mean nothing? I don't know if these people are paying taxes or not. If they are, they shouldn't as they are receiving no benefits from it. If they aren't, they really have no leg to stand on in these arguments. Also, I have heard many complaints that more catering is not done to Spanish speaking people, that we need to set programs, schools, etc up as bilingual. I have a problem with this. If you are not advancing in your career and don't speak English, of course there is a reason for that! English is the language of this country! If you don't speak it, how the hell can you expect to get anywhere? It's ridiculous. If Americans started flooding Mexico and started demanding all of Mexico to speak English, how do you think they'd react? Scornful wrath at the 'arrogant Americans'. If I want to move to Italy, can I expect to get along very well without learning Italian? Of course not! It's ridiculous. I think this is a case of letting political correctness go too far. Typically it's the immigrants that have to learn the language of their new country. Not their new country learning their language. But, I suppose we have to make sure we don't piss anyone off. Even if it's a wake up call they need.

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