Sunday, March 14, 2004

Kitchen floor 

Update: The kitchen floor is pretty much done. I spent 2-3 hours this morning scraping a patch of floor about 4'x4'. Pretty frustrating. By the end I was swearing freely, singing/screaming along with the various punk cds I had streaming thru the cd player, positively aching for a Guinness. But I got it done and it looks a ton better. The 20-year old crappy linoleum is gone, and it looks like a normal and newer kitchen. I like it.

I finished in time to grab the cycle and head downtown to try and catch the Young Dubliners concert. But it was $10 to get in, and I was flying solo. So I came home. Without a Guinness. No matter. I may walk down the street to Devon's tonight to get a Guinness. We'll see how motivated I get. Not before the Simpsons though.

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