Tuesday, March 16, 2004

A French/Chinese love affair? 

I am confused. France, which supposedly despises warfare and belligerent action, instead espousing peaceful solutions to worldly affairs, has decided to join up with China (communist) to intimidate Hong Kong (democracy)? They are calling it a joint military exercise and are holding these exercises off the coast of Hong Kong- 4 days before HK's presidential elections. As stated by Xinhua, China's official news agency:

"It's the biggest in scale and the most substantial in content of an exercise between the Chinese navy and a foreign navy," Xinhua said on Monday, quoting Ju Xinchun, the captain of the destroyer "Harbin."

What is going on? I guess they are desperate to get back on the world scene and let everyone know that they still matter? (an aside: much like a lot of this country doesn't want to be associated with Pres. Bush, I don't condone holding the French people personally accountable for the actions of their govt. If you respond that they elected him, well, we elected all our officials as well.)

It's not an outright attack on HK, but it is blatant intimidation, no matter what catch-phrases they use to justify it.

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