Thursday, March 11, 2004


This is a heart-wrenching article. It's nice in that it shows a tremendous amount of compassion on the part of the people of Chad, but otherwise it's very sad. The people of Sudan (the blacks) are being forced out by Arabs and they are fleeing to Chad, a country with whom they have a common ethnic background. The people of Chad are helping them as much as they can. Unfortunately, they have very little. Water is very scarce and people, crops, and livestock are dying from dehydration and lack of food.

Where is the international attention/outrage? If only they had oil there, maybe they would get some help.

But then again, we can't help everyone, can we? It's too bad the plights of the Sudanese and Chadians are not getting much air time. Maybe some help could be found. But if it's ignored, I guess it's not happening?

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