Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Can white men jump? 

Check out this site (scroll down to "NASCAR is a white man's sport") for insight on the comments made by Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe. Seems he felt that Vanderbilt was "too white" to beat Eastern Michigan. From the Tennesean:

Ryan said Wednesday on ESPN Radio's nationally syndicated Tony Kornheiser Show that the Commodores had ''too many white guys'' to beat Western Michigan in today's first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. ...

Kornheiser, a longtime Washington Post columnist, paused and seemed to try to help Ryan get past the remark. Ryan then reiterated, saying ''they have too many white guys, they always do.''

Ya know, while I don't think he should be making comments such as this, in a way it is refreshing to see someone not taking things too seriously. And as he said, the joking about basketball being a black man's sport is a known 'fight'. For instance the movie "White Men Can't Jump".

Note: This is the same columnist who was suspended last year for his comments about Jason Kidd's wife Joumana:

“This Joumana Kidd who wants to be a star, you know - she wants to be a TV star,” Ryan said. “She wants face time on camera. And you know what’s a great way to get face time? Bring the cute little precocious kid. Oh, great – Jeez, I’d like to smack her.”

I'm thinking maybe this guy should be confined to print and not live interviews/comments. That's where he seems to slip up and not think about what he is saying. Or maybe he does and has no qualms about speaking his mind regardless of the consequences. There is something admirable in that, even though what he has to say seems to sway towards the moronic.

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