Monday, March 22, 2004

Bill O'Reilly 

I am listening to him on the radio, my first contact with him. I am not real sure what to think. At first he sounded ok, fairly impartial, but then I kept listening. He is attacking people who are not thinking the same as him, resorting to calling people names, and even cutting off callers who he calls idiots and pinheads and propagandists. It sounds to me that he doesn't really want to hear dissenting opinions, but is using his ability to cut people off to end a conversation and continue his ranting. To break it down, I am not very impressed. A dissemination of ideas is a great thing, and this is hard to do if you go in with no desire to consider an opposing view point, which to me is what O'Reilly is doing. More on this later. I'll keep listening.

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