Monday, March 22, 2004

Anti-war protest 

Here's an account of an anti-war protest. Interesting stuff. To me, it shows there are people out there who really don't know what is going on. Example:

I spotted a middle-aged white man, wearing a T-shirt that read “Don’t Trust White People.” Maybe he was trying to be ironic.

I don't know much about the person writing this 'review', he is a vet of the war in Iraq, making this an even better recounting of the protest.

Make sure to scroll down and read Rebecca's remarks. Wow. Supporting the Iraqi resistance against the troops, as a way to support the US troops. I don't get it.

And check out this picture. This idiot is letting the everyone know that he is glad the World Trade Center was destroyed. At an anti-war protest. What the hell is his point? I am sure the families and friends of those killed at the WTC would like to have some words with this guy.

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