Wednesday, December 10, 2003

More Oil Exploitation 

Ecuador, a country the size of Nevada, has the lives of its 13 million people depending on oil exports for income. The US, the world's largest oil consumer, imports more oil from Latin America than from the Middle East. Put these 2 together, and you would think it would make sense for us to focus on finding and exporting more oil from this part of the world. However, the natives who benefit only marginally from the oil exports, are the ones who suffer a loss of lifestyle and home because of oil. Their pleas are ignored and as a result, some have taken to kidnapping oil workers and destroying their machinery. They have seen the northern part of their country be polluted and destroyed, supposedly by Texaco (the case against Texaco is pending), and this only serves to worsen their opinion of the oil industry. But then, who wouldn't think poorly of a corporation that is trying to destroy your life with very little concern for your well-being? One tribe has established a website to provide updates on their fight against oil.
It also tells about their people and customs.

Granted, oil folk say they can remove the oil in an environmental fashion. The question is whether or not they will. Since these indigenous people have highlighted the situation, perhaps care will be taken so as to avoid bad press. We can only hope. Then, hopefully, these people will be compensated as they have been promised.

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