Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Disney update 

A Disney board member resigned recently, and in his resignation letter he blasted Michael Eisner and the actions of the rest of the board. He cited undeserved bonuses, raises, incentives for Eisner (CEO and Chairman of the Board) and other execs. He discusses the forced retirement of Roy Disney. He brings to light the greater emphasis put on squelching bad stories and information than improving the company. It's an interesting letter, and highlights the problems in the Disney company today. Is he a bitter ex-employee? Possibly. But as he is not the only source of these excerpts, the letter does retain its validity.

Here is another article on the subject. This one has quotes from the remaining members of the board, and more about Roy Disney. As a company that prefers to squelch dissent and bad reviews, I have a hard time taking the comments from the board seriously. It's sad that a company that plays such a huge part in the lives of many people has such poor standards and little respect for something as simple as free speech.

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