Monday, December 01, 2003

"Disney" against Disney 

Michael Eisner has been president of Disney for about 20 years now. Roy Disney, nephew of founder Walt, helped deliver him to his current position of power. That move has now hurt Roy. Seems Roy, who has become an Eisner critic openly calling for Eisner to step down from his position, is being forced into retirement. There have been Disney (Eisner?) employees who have seen their positions terminated for what they claim are invalid reasons-such as reporting the news that is not Disney biased/white-washed. It would seem that this is another case. Only this time, the person being forced out is the "last Disney family member and a prominent critic of Chairman and Chief Executive Michael Eisner". That is sad to see. A phrase that comes to my mind is: megalomaniacal hinderer of free speech. It also makes me wonder if some day the "Wonderful World of Disney" will become the "Wonderful World of Eisner".

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