Friday, November 14, 2003

VP Dick Cheney: Former and/or future Haliburton Employee 

"The Bush-Cheney team have turned the United States into a family business," says Harvey Wasserman, author of The Last Energy War (Seven Stories Press, 2000). "That's why we haven't seen Cheney – he's cutting deals with his old buddies who gave him a multimillion-dollar golden handshake. Have they no grace, no shame, no common sense? Why don't they just have Enron run America? Or have Zapata Petroleum [George W. Bush's failed oil-exploration venture] build a pipeline across Afghanistan?"


Interesting, isn't it? He doesn't work there anymore, supposedly. Somehow this same company keeps getting these huge contracts from the government. A coincidence, or more than that? The opening quote was extracted from the article linked above. I like the quote, because since DC and Bushie were elected, I've been wondering where Cheney has been. We know he was hiding out on 9/11, he was here in Denver last week (mucking up traffic and eradicating half the parking spots in downtown), and because he flew into Des Moines around the time the plane that was to take me to Vegas was supposed to depart, I made it to my buddy's bachelor party about 4 hours late (in retrospect, probably a good thing).

It does seem a bit suspicious to me, all these connections. Maybe they are just the best company for the job, I don't know. If I had any faith in our top politicians being honest and dependable, I would not wonder. That, however, is not the case.

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