Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Turkey is the newest Muslim country under attack, by their fellow believers. Radicals are killing Muslims in this country of Muslims. Turkey has denounced these attacks as well as any attacks, especially on Muslims, as against their religious beliefs. I glad this is the stance they are taking. Hopefully it will illuminate the closed minded to the fact that not all Muslims are responsible for these atrocities. Also, I hope the EU will bring Turkey into their fold like they are hoping will happen. They are a good "example" of govt in the Middle East and the EU should embrace and support them. After all, part of the reason they are being attacked is because of us non-Musim countries and our ties to them.

I am hoping that the attacks on Muslims by these radical groups will alienate potential recruits and that their cause will fizzle out. Hopefully. After all, why would you want to join a group that will be killing your own people and fellow believers? Keep the faith folks. It could happen.

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