Wednesday, November 12, 2003

To sleep or not to sleep 

Some people are morning people, some prefer to prowl around after dark, when most others have already dispatched themselves to the land of Nod. I fall into the latter group. As strange as it sounds, I tend to ramp up around 10 or 11. Similar to a motorcycle when it really gets into its power band and you have the throttle wide open, I can feel my energy surge and my mood instantly elevate. It's a wonderful thing, as long as I have something to occupy my time. Otherwise, I'll crawl into bed and fall asleep (more or less quickly by my standards). Problem with that is, when I wake up I'm typically in that 6-7 hour range of sleep, and that is the worst place for me to be. As a result, when anyone tries to talk to me within 2 hours of my waking, I feel no need to talk back. It can be taken the wrong way, but some people never learn, you know? My soph year of college, I had 2 roommates. One was just like me-had no desire to talk in the morning. In fact, we'd wake up, eat breakfast on the same couch and ride to class together and we MIGHT have said "see ya" right before splitting off. And it was great! Our other roommate, would talk up a storm. And we just wouldn't respond. At first he would get irate, and eventually he stepped up his efforts in order to annoy us. Ahh, those were the days!

Do I have a point? Of course not. Just rambling.

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