Thursday, November 20, 2003

PETA is at it again 

You know what I like about PETA? How opened minded, respectful of civil liberties, and how they always try to project the ebest images and ideals for people.

Well, unless you say something that doesn't appear as idol worhip of every animal. As that Idol guy Clay just found out, you'd better not publicly admit to not liking any animal. Granted, after admitting to hating cats (as many people do) he did say he'd run over a cat before. He did not, however, say whether or not it was on purpose. PETA thinks should now publicly say that all animals deserve respect and should be loved by everyone. (I'll be we could get all their members to admit that they do not love every person they've met). What happened to free speech? Aren't we allowed to not like something or someone?

What worries me is this: will they start filing slander lawsuits against people like Clay? People who have the audacity to not like an animal (sweet Jesus no!) and publicly admit it? It makes sense I suppose. If they don't speak up for those with no voice (slugs, cats, etc), then who will?

Let me just use this time now, to make MY case for equality. Lately I have been waking up in the middle of the night to the same nightmare. It goes like this-I am at a fancy restaurant, eating dinner, when all of a sudden the broccoli on my plate sits up and starts screaming out in pain! Then this huge group of plants comes waltzing in the door with placards against cruelty, the walls (wood) take up the cause and start peeling themselves apart dropping the roof in on all of us diners. Right before I wake up, as I'm laying under the remnants of the kamikaze building materials, the table (more wood), snaps it legs closed around my chest constricting my breath! Then I wake up.

So I am here today, to voice my support of plants and trees and all the vegetation that has no voice. Stop mowing the grass! Don't trim your trees! And for God's sake, quit uprooting those weeds! Stop the deforestation-turning a tree into a home is the most massive injustice that can be forced upon those poor giants who can not run!

And there they go....over the top...

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