Tuesday, November 11, 2003

McJob. I love it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3255883.stm

To continue along the fast food rant, it appears the obesity case against McDonald's (and other fast foods) has been dropped. I concur with those who think McD's and many other f.f. stores have some terrible practices in regards to poor employee treatment, money-over-everything mentality, but I am glad this case has been dropped. To blame a restaurant (loose interpretation of the word) for your own inability to eat right, exercise, and exhibit some semblance of self-control? Welcome to our "blameless" society; an overabundance of "it's not my fault"-ism, shamelessly blaming another party for your own failings (a fact not lost on anyone) has taken over and allowed "us" an easy way out. Thank you to the lawyers for making this all possible!

Makes me think of all those times I've screwed up in my life, causing pain and humiliation to myself while drawing retribution down onto my scrawny shoulders. In hind sight, I should have ignored my parents' teachings and not taken responsibility for my own actions. Apparently, this old fashioned notion has lost its appeal. The saying, "take it like a man. Take what's coming to you" no longer applies. The new saying should be, "toss around the blame. It's not your fault. Make someone else pay you for your idiocy!". Gutless. Spineless. Have a little self-respect.

Spur of the moment rant. Please excuse the rambling, disjointed comments

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