Monday, November 10, 2003

It has begun. I am in the process of writing my first ever blog. And to think-until last Friday I had never heard the term blog. You would think that in all my time surfing the internet in vain hopes of finding a website to entertain me for the 8 hours a day I am forced to inhabit my 3-"walled" cell, that I would have run across this new craze. But no. Instead, various sports and news sites have occupied my time. But more importantly, I spend my days in futile attempts to persuade my friends to send repeated emails. Now that I have found the wonderful world of blog, I can instead contain my semi-coherent ramblings onto here. I can rant and rave to my hearts delight, putting no friends in danger of being reprimanded for emailing at work. So fear not dear friends! A new outlet has been found! Even if no one but myself (and FCC censors?) read my drivel, I will feel somewhat satisfied.

Tomorrow, the fun begins

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