Tuesday, November 25, 2003

H2 ad 

I am sure you've all seen the ad for the new H2-a kid enters a soap box derby with his home built cardboard H2. He leaves the race track (cool song playing in the background) and charges cross country to beat his competitors in their speedier though pavement bound entries.

My beef/amusement, was that they showed that little cardboard racer doing more real off-roading than they show the actual vehicle doing in ANY of their other commercials. Sorry, but driving along a hard-packed gravel road is not my idea of off-roading. My Saturn could probably drive in most of the places they show that stupid thing driving. This article takes a different scathing look at the commercial. It's good.

My goal for this ski/winter season, incidentally, is to see an H2 that has slid off the interstate/road due to its drivers complete lack of driving skills/common sense/intelligence. I am almost willing to put money on this happening. After all, almost every car in the ditches in winter are SUVs. Further supports my belief that most people who own them have no clue how to drive them. Yes, they are a lot heavier and therefore don't necessarily hold the road as well and don't stop nearly as well as a smaller vehicle. It's 4-(or all)wheel drive, not 4-wheel stop. It only helps propel you forward. Morons. Wow. This is definitely a blog for another day. I don't have to time to get into SUVs today.

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