Tuesday, November 11, 2003


When I was young, my mother would only allow us to watch nature shows on Channel 11 (WTTW in Chicago). I remember seeing show after show on the big cats in Africa, and their struggles to provide sustenance for themselves and their kin. I watched the poor lionesses chase futilely after wildebeest, springbok and eland while their male counterparts-the so-called king of the jungle (despite the fact they don’t live in the jungle and are lazy as hell)-watched in bored anticipation from the sideline.

I am the gutsy lioness (though not female) chasing after my motivation (wildebeest), my drive (springbok), and desire to succeed (eland). My work plays the part of the bored lion, watching and waiting for me to catch my elusive prey, thusly enabling imminent involvement and subsequent gorging. My inability to bring down any quarry precludes any involvement on the part of the lion (work).

I hope the bwana (Big Boss Man) remains 2 days behind, tracking my spoor, unaware of the primeval struggle ensuing under the blazing sun (neon).

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