Thursday, November 13, 2003


I now have a new favorite whiskey, and unfortunately, I think it's expensive.
Last night the Bushmills people had a promotional tasting at the Oxford Hotel here in Denver. A few of my buddies and I headed down there to check things out and expand our repertoire of fine liquors (and indulge in some free shwag). The Oxford is a pretty swank hotel, so the setting was very nice; there were some sit-down tables, stand-up tables, all with flowers and candles. Two bartenders were dispensing the drinks (on the rocks being my choice) and several folks were walking around with hors d'vours (sp?). The food was excellent as was the whiskey.

After an hour or so of socializing, we headed upstairs to the tasting room. Dozens of long tables were set up and at each place setting were snifters with 4 varieties of Bushmills, one with Jim Beam, and one with Johnny Walker Red. The older Irish gentleman conducting the tasting was hysterical. Lots of 'tales', lots of drinking. He had us sample and notice the difference between them first with our noses, and then with our tongues. VERY good comparison test. Bushmills won hands down.

After the tasting, a drawing of sorts was held to give away some Bushmills flasks as well as a few 1/5ths of their whiskey. The tasting was concluded with a sampling of the 21 year Bushmills whiskey, which was excellent.

This was all followed by a couple more drinks and some more snacks back downstairs. On the way out, we received our "goody bags": a small bottle of Bushmills, a t-shirt and a pin.

All in all a great time, and a tasting that puts JW to shame and even out does the Guinness tasting. I foresee a trip to the store to buy a bottle...unless it's too expensive, then I'll send that request along to Santa!

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