Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A-B-C, easy as please touch me 

I’ve been to Gary, IN. Well, to be more precise, I’ve driven through. I once took a Greyhound from West Lafayette to downtown Chicago. On the way, we passed thru downtown Gary. It scared me.

It is the kind of place that I would expect to produce maladjusted folks. The youngest membed of the Jackson 5 is trying his best to reinforce this stereotype. Seems once again, Michael “Wacko Jacko” Jackson is under investigation. His ranch was searched this week by authorities based on charges of molestation by a 12-year old boy. The reasons for the search were not disclosed.

As I see it, nothing will come of this (except maybe another large out of court settlement. After all, third time’s the charm, right? Not the second.

It’s sad that an entertainer and musician as storied as the “gloved one” is continuing to destroy his reputation. He’s reclusive, strange, and no one can make any sense of his quirkiness. Unfortunately, parents are still allowing him access to their young children. Whether or not the charges/rumors against him are true, if I was a parent I wou;dn’t let my kids get anywhere near his house. Not to mention that he is a father three times over and wants another, by adoption. If he succeeds in adopting another kid, then I’m prone to believe that it’s either easier to adopt than I thought, or superstars really do hold more sway than the rest of us (hard to imagine, I know).

Maybe Bubbles could do us all a favor and knock some sense into this guy.

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